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TweetAdder some months ago released a new version of TweetAdder 4.0 and all users were mandated to upgrade to the newest version of TweetAdder 4.0 on May 24, 2013. This was a surprise to most social marketer including me, as it no longer support automatically follows and un-follows which makes tweetadder less popular than earlier. This is why I decided to go for Follow Liker. Follow Liker is designed for speed, to guarantee account protection, activity efficiency, and also to be able to produce top levels of safety and protection for the software’s users.

Whenever we speak about social networks, we usually relate this to Twitter, but Instagram is now proving to also be a great platform for social media marketing. Follow Liker gives social media marketers the opportunity to push thier messages even further with the best instagram bot.

Instagram is positioning itself increasingly as a powerful marketing platform and personal brand, and believe me, Instagram account with a large number of followers can turn into a powerful tool for product promotion, to promote yourself, your personal brand or even in a position to generate income with your Instagram photos.

Unlike TweetAdder that uses Twitter API and Oauth, Follow Liker uses the web interface of Twitter and Instagram to perform all its functions. This means Twitter and Instagram will be unable to use their API limits to control the activities of users. This also means that activities of users will be seen as natural.

The following are what Follow Liker 2.0 Offers:

— Following: Follow users, limit follow per run or day, avoid users with no profile image and control your follower to following ratio.
— Un-following: Un-follow all users, un-follow only users not following back after some days, limit un-follow per run or day, white list users that should not be un-followed.
— Mutiple Account: Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts.
— Assign Proxy: Use public or private proxies with each of your accounts as you deem fit.
— User Searching: Find users to follow based on keywords, other users follower, location, interest and current trends.
— Whitelist User: Build a special list of users that should never be un-followed.
— Blacklist User: Build a list of users that should not be followed.
— Account Statistics: View current number of followers, tweets, media and followings of each account.

Other Twitter Features:
— Tweeting: Tweet to your account, control tweeting interval by day or each run, make tweet links unique.
— Re-tweeting: Re-tweet to your account, control delay between re-tweet and limit re-tweet.
— Tweet Searching: Find tweets to be replied and re-tweeted by keyword or other metrics.
— Crawl Tweet: Aggregate real-time website contents and RSS feed as tweets and tweet them to your accounts.
— Replying: Reply to simliar tweets, limit replies per run or day, set delay between replies.
— Send Message: Send direct messages to your followers, send at interval by setting delay and also set maximum message to send with each run or per day.

Other Instagram Features:
— Like Photos: Like photos, limit photo liking with each run, set delay interval between each liked photo.
— Unlike Photos: Unlike photo, unlike photos liked after some days, set unlike photo limit with each run, delay unlike to look more natural.
— Commenting: Comment on photos, limit number of comment to post and set comment delay interval.
— Photo Searching: Find photos to be liked and un-liked based on keyword choices.

I’ve been using Follow Liker on approximately 70-90 accounts off and on for about 8 months now without any issue. So, at the end TweetAdder 4.0 may have removed some of their key functions, but we have an alternative in Follow Liker. If you want to use Twitter and Instagram as marketing media, I believe what you need now is Follow Liker 2.0.